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Opening Arguments

The ID evidence is in

Suck it up, voter ID opponents:

Voter ID laws do not swing many elections, because people without identification do not represent a large share of registered voters; they are particularly unlikely to vote; and a share of them will vote Republican.

This is from a New York Times writer, someone not guaranteed to be a big fan of Republicans.

ID proponents allege the possibility of widespread fraud, by Democrats, natch, that can steal elections. Opponents say Republicans are engaged in a cynical effort to disenfranchise voters likely to not  have IDs and to be Democrats, the poor, minorities, the elderly, etc. This is a blatantly political argument on both sides, and it's silly to pretend otherwise.

To prevail, ID opponents have to demonstrate large-scale disenfranchisement that can swing elections, and the fact is they can't.  Proponents have to demonstrate specific cases of large-scale fraud that can swing elections, and the fact is they can, lots of them. Say thank you, Sen. Franken!

So hush up and sit down. The science is settled!