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Opening Arguments

Names as destiny

Happy Thanksgiving. Haven't you just been dying to know whether your name is more Republican or more Democratic?

Democrats apparently prefer certain first names, while Republicans prefer others. Verdant Labs, maker of the Nametrix baby name research app (motto: “Babies need names, but maybe not stripper names”), compiled this chart with data from its research into name preferences and data on political affiliations from the Federal Election Commission. (This is just a small portion of the chart — you can see the full version here.)

Verdant Labs says the most Democratic baby names are Jonah, Malik, Natasha and Maya, while the most Republican are Delbert, Duane, Bailey and Brittney.

Leonard, the name on my birth certificate, is way over on the Democratic side of the divide, and Leo, the name I've gone by since high school, is firmly on the Republican side, which means I must be all mixed up. But you probably already knew that. Funny, Leonard seems more stodgily Republican to me, and the less formal, looser Leo seems more suited to Democrats.