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Opening Arguments

Gray Lady down

Cuba, being Cuba, cracks down on a free-speec demonstration, and, boy, is the New York Times editorial board peeved:

By stifling critical voices, the Cuban government is showing its unwillingness to tolerate basic freedoms most citizens in the hemisphere enjoy. This move, unfortunately, will amplify the criticisms of those who opposed Mr. Obama’s historic shift on Cuba policy.

Heavy-handed tactics by the Castro government will give them ammunition next year, when Republicans will control both chambers of Congress, to stymie the Obama administration’s steps to ease the embargo through executive authority and dim the prospects of legislative change to pare back the web of sanctions Washington imposes on Cuba.

So, the Castro regime's thuggery isn't deplorable because, well, thuggery is a bad thing. It isn't unfortunate because it demonstrate's the ineffectiveness of President Obama's outreach. It's to be condemned because it will give Republicans ammunition "to stymie the Obama administration." That is not just partisan. That is not just playing lap dog to the administration. That is not just stupidly parochial. That is freakin' demented.