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Opening Arguments

Greetings, my icky friends

Have you noticed the "a dead conservative is a good conservative" phenomenon? That's when somebody says something like, "Conservatives today have gone completely off the rails. Whatever happened to reasonable conservatives like William F. Buckley (or Ronald Reagan or some other dead conservative)?" For all I know, somebody a long time ago said, "Whatever happened to reasonable conservatives like Edmund Burke?"

And now there's a name for conservatives who aren't dead yet: Icky.

Internal Revenue Service employees charged with scrutinizing tea party groups’ nonprofit status applications showed a marked antipathy to the organizations, with one examiner calling a group “icky” and others saying they were searching for ways to deny the requests, according to a congressional oversight report Tuesday.

The staff report, released by Rep. Darrell E. Issa, the California Republican who is giving up the reins at the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform at the end of this year, also found that IRS officials “repeatedly changed their stories” about what went on and who was responsible for targeting the conservative and tea party groups.

The different stories, and roadblocks erected by the tax agency, the White House and congressional Democrats, have made it difficult to figure out exactly what went on in the agency as it was targeting tea party and conservative groups for improper scrutiny and delaying approval of their applications, the investigators said.

Of all the scandals in the morally challenged Obama administration, this blatant misuse of authority really stands out as the most outrageous. I don't know if the IRS harassment and intimidation of conservative groups had an effect on the election, but that was certainly the intent. People should be in jail for this.