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Opening Arguments

RIP, liberalism?

If it's true, goodbye and good riddance:


Liberalism, to paraphrase the late Preston Sturges (he was referring to chivalry), is “not only dead, it’s decomposed.”

Liberalism n’existe pas — and almost everybody knows it. It is completely out of ideas. Obama was the last gasp of a dying ideology. All they have left is some pathetic and teetering identity politics.

I dunno, though. They've been saying the last rites over conservatism for 50 years, but the darn thing refuses to die. So those of us on the right should be careful not to have our vision clouded by wishful thinking.

The one thing I think its safe to say is that liberalism has hit a plateau and is going to have so suffer through a period of little success. There is only so much leveling that can be done by penalizing the successful, only so much of other people's money that can be shoveled into the pit, only so much that oppressive government can gros witout being a tyranny, only so many obvious realities than can be ignored by the elite agenda setters. All those limits and more have been reached.

But liberalism will  be back. It's one side of the debate that's been animating our politics since the country's founding and will be commanding our attention until it dies.