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Opening Arguments

Take this gun away from me

This is one of the most appalling anti-gun ads you're ever likely to see:

I doubt that it’s persuasive advocacy for the proposition that people shouldn’t keep guns, shouldn’t keep guns when they have children in the house, or shouldn’t keep guns unlocked when they have children in the house. (Whether those are sound propositions is a separate question; I’m just saying the ad doesn’t really make much of an argument for them.) But I can imagine some impressionable teenager seeing what the appealing protagonist is doing, and trying to copy it, especially since the serious tone of the video seems to invite its being taken seriously. And the results could include expulsion, criminal prosecution, or even death.

Basically, it shows a kid taking a gun out of his mother's bureau, sticking it in his backback and then plopping it down on his horrified teacher's desk and asking her to "do something" with it because "I don't feel safe with a gun in the house."

Whew. How safe will you feel, kid, if somerone breaks in and your mother goes to get the gun that isn't there? I swear, the anti-gun crowd is getting nuttier every day.



Rebecca Mallory
Tue, 12/23/2014 - 8:08pm

A minor in a school in possession of a stolen firearm.  Now there is an image that we can do without.