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Opening Arguments

Easy come, easy go

Congress can giveth:

A bipartisan group of lawmakers predicted Wednesday that the House could repeal ObamaCare’s tax on medical device sales by the end of March.

The latest effort at repeal, a bill introduced on Tuesday by Rep. Erik Paulsen (R-Minn.), already has the backing of well over half the House – including two dozen Democrats.

“Many of us were saying from the outset this is a very ill-conceived idea,” Paulsen said at a news conference on Wednesday with other repeal supporters. “You’re going to have fewer start-ups, less ideas in the garage.”

But it can also taketh away:

The current 18.4-cents per gallon tax has seemly lost its luster with the production of more fuel-efficient vehicles.

While Democrats have warmed to raising the tax more than Republicans, a few GOP lawmakers are starting to change their tune as well.

Uh oh. "A few GOP lawmakers." That does not sound good. I hate to state the obvious, but gas prices won't always be this low and, the medical device tzx being a rare exception, taxes do not go away.