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Opening Arguments

No, no, no, no, no

Either this writer is delusional or I am. Sure hope it's him:

It is very possible that Hillary Clinton will be elected president by a substantial margin, return the Senate to Democratic control, name Supreme Court justices who will create a liberal court for a generation and help elect enough Democrats to the House to have a working majority in Congress for history-making progressive achievements, beginning with her first 100 days in the White House.

[. . .]

The great opportunity for Clinton is to become the first woman president while also becoming a liberal Ronald Reagan: a conviction politician who stands for progressivism, a competent chief executive who believes in governing and a skilled negotiator with opponents at home and leaders abroad.

A "liberal Ronald Reagan"? I suppose he means by that someone who believes strongly in something but can also work with the other side. Reagan did have a strong set of core believes, but I'm not sure about Clinton. It has yet to be shown that she can play well with others, either. Whatever. I don't think this country can stand another four or eight years of the progressive agenda.