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Opening Arguments

It's a circus

Be careful what you wish for:

The liberal left got what it wanted in 2009 with a supermajority in the Senate and large majority in the House, a subservient mainstream media, the good will of the American people, and the most liberal president in American history. It only took that the liberal hierarchy six years to erode the Democratic Party to levels that we have not seen since the 1920s. Almost every policy initiative we have seen — whether climate change, foreign policy, health care, or race relations — has imploded. The answer to these failures has not been introspection, humility, or reevaluation why the liberal agenda proved unpopular and unworkable, but in paranoid fashion to double-down on it, convinced that its exalted aims must allow any means necessary — however farcical — to achieve them. The logical result is the present circus.

The first line of the piece is "Lately, liberalism has gone from psychodrama to farce," which sounds about right. That's what can easily happen when you have all the power in the world and think you can do and say anything, and then lose that power and realize you could have used it better.

Don't mean to pick on liberals especially (although it does give me great pleasure). If Republicans keep their House and Senate majorities and elect a conservative GOP president, they will be subject to the same "Hey, hold my beer and then watch this" political phenomenon.

The Republicans in Indiana now have what national Democrats had for a couple of years, and then some. Democrats can't even create a lack of a quorum by boycotting the session. The GOP hasn't abused its power as much as it could have, but it has had a psychodrama or two. And I don't think we'll see farce. No matter what happens in the House or the governor's office, I think hell will freeze over before the GOP loses the Senate.