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Opening Arguments

Race is over

Starbucks is apparently ending its silly  Race Together campaign in which people who can get only service jobs attempt to engage us in serious conversation, so guess we can go back to enjoying our high-price coffee in peace:

You may be a left-wing knucklehead if…

…you think the problem with the U.S. is that we need to have a “conversation about race.”

Here’s my contribution to Starbucks’ obnoxious and condescending “Race Together” effort to pour their ideas about race down our throats along with their coffee. If you think America hasn’t talked about race, you’re lying to yourself. The U.S. has talked about almost nothing but race for the last fifty years. Your real complaint is that we’re not saying what you want us to say and haven’t reached the conclusions you, in your self-righteousness, decree we should reach.

The leftists of the Democratic Party — the party of slavery; the party of the Ku Klux Klan; the party of Jim Crow; the party of segregation; the party of a welfare state that destroyed the black family in ways the most evil slaver could only dream of; the party of abortion, which snuffs out more black lives than heart attacks and cancer combined — call us racist when we oppose them. I weep sad tears. I so wanted their good opinion.

Forgive me if I prefer Dunkin' Donuts, which is better coffee and cheaper, and it doesn't come with a leftwing guilt trip. I don't mind helping causes with my purchases, whether I endorse the causes or not. Every bite of Ben & Jerry's I eat helps lefties, and every bite of White Castle  helps someone on the right, and it's all OK because both are such delicious bites. But the causes are in the background where they should be.  Don't smack in the face with it when I walk into your store. Not cool.