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Opening Arguments

So let's wait a bit

Depressing thought because it sounds about right:

The patriotic conservative hawks who are terrified by the deterioration of our military are absolutely right – our military is in crisis. But lifting the sequester caps and pumping more money into the Pentagon isn't going to solve the problem. First, we need a president who actually cares about defending this country. Second, we need to change the Defense Department from a feeding trough for government workers and contractors into a lean, mean, warfighting machine.

We can solve the first problem in November 2016 by electing a president who cares about this country's defense. Barack Obama doesn't, and Hillary Clinton won't. They never have, and their posturing as friends of the troops and a supporters of a strong defense is a lie like everything else they say.

There’s no point in even trying to rebuild our forces until we get a president who actually understands the nature of our enemies and sides with America and our allies against them. You need to understand – liberals do not want America to be a superpower. They want us neutered. The decline of our military isn’t an accident; it’s a goal.

As I say, "about" right. I think it might be going too far to say they don't care about America's defense. I'll give them the benefit of the doubt and say they do, but they have demonstrably dumb ideas about how to do it. I do think it is very much true that they are uncomfortable with the idea of America being the last superpower and really, really, think power should be distributed more equitably. That's where most of the dumb ideas come from.

And there's an important point here often overlooked. We don't have to choose between a weak, ineffective military and a bloated, wasteful, $500-a-hammer Pentagon. We can and should demand a lean, mean military machine that protects our lives and respects our pocketbooks.