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Opening Arguments

True believer

I this is right in explaining the idiocy from the White House by the idiot in the White House:

Unlike many, I do not think President Obama is a secret member of the Muslim Brotherhood.  Nor do I think he has sympathies for radical Islam. His gay friendly endeavors run counter to sharia.

Rather, I think President Obama is a benighted leftist who actually thinks that, if given a free chance, everyone everywhere would choose a gay friendly, animal loving, socialist world view that by means of democracy would lead the whole planet to a palm fronded halcyon multicultural eco-friendly paradise.

To put it bluntly, Obama is probably a true believer.

[. . .]

Obama believes the fallacy that all ultra-reformers believe in. The perfectibility of man. If given the right education, the right worldview, the right morality, we would all get along.

[. . .]

Our American founding fathers succeeded precisely because they did not seek to recreate man, but through a series of checks and balances, merely contain his darker nature. A more limited view of government.

Obama will not be reasoned with.  He is besmitten. He actually conceives of Islam as no different than other religions. Just needs some fine-tuning. He actually thinks socialism works. He thinks LGBT advances will improve society. His wife thinks kids will prefer carrot juice to soda pop apart from deadly force.

Many people thought Obama was merely guilty of excessive political rhetoric when he said he wanted to fundamentally change this country. He wasn't. He really, really meant it. Those who think humankind is perfectible, the way this country is will never be good enough. Checks and balances to contain our darker natures? Phhtt. I know better. And it is pointless to ask a true believer to take a reality check. Reality just doesn't interest them.