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Opening Arguments

Carly cues

OK, Carly Fiorina is on nobody's list of probable GOP presidential primary winners -- they're not likely to nominate someone who's never won anything before.  But, man, is she ever brightening up the political scene. She says she is the one who can best go one-on-one with Hillary, without getting caught up in the usual fear-of-being-seen-as-sexist trap. And she may have a point. She is better than any conservative I've seen in years at turning "Gotcha!" attempts back on her inquisitors.

She backed Katie Couric into a verbal corner more than once as the former news anchor tried tried to nail her on Hillary criticism and her her record at HP:

And here she is taunting Seth Meyers, who brought up the embarrassing fact that tech-savvy Fiorina didn't register CarlyFiorina.org, which allowed a political foe to do it:

But before he gets too far into his snarky lambasting of her, she asks, “Do you know who owns SethMeyers.org?”

Meyers is thrown off his game, obviously begrudgingly bewildered by the fact that she served up a pretty good prank. The “it was very cheap” line was great, too.

What she reveals is that she bought SethMeyers.org, in the Green Room just before she went on the show. No shrinking violet, she. Take a lesson, boys. (Rand Paul, it should be noted, did a good going-on-the-offensive maneuver by demanding that reporters who always ask conservatives about the rape-and-incest exception to anti-abortion efforts also ask Democrats how they feel about late-term abortions. A couple of them actually did.)