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Opening Arguments

Cogito ego sum

Someone seeking the presidency has a big ego? Who knew?

Ben Carson, who formally announced his run for the presidency Monday, is a brilliant surgeon, gifted storyteller and charismatic speaker. But modesty is not among his talents.

[. . .]

His positions, his provocations and his showmanship are all delightfully over the top.

[. . .]

Carson has little in common with the political class but for one thing: his absolute confidence in his own greatness — as seen again in his kickoff extravaganza.

[. . .]

Carson’s version of the truth and his irrepressible ego are going to make 2016 a whole lot more entertaining.

That's from Dana Milbank of the Washington Post, who probably isn't self-aware enough to realize he's sying more about himself than about Mr. Carson. You, sir, are an amusing, ego-drive buffoon who doesn't belong in politics. Translation: I am an establishment liberal who doesn't have a clue about anybody but establishment liberals seeking the Whire House.

Of course something similar could about those on the right (they are legion) who go on and on about how narcissistic President Obama is. Of course he is. So is everybody else who runs for president. You cannot get to the point in life where you think you are capable of and deserving of being the leader of the free world without having a massive ego that demands to be fed and a view of yourself as more special than anyone else on the planet.

Milbank displays a glimmer of that insight when he notes that Cartson's absolute confidence in his own greatness gives him "something in common with the political class." Just one throwaway sentence in the whole drive-a-stake-through-Carson's-heart hit piece.