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Opening Arguments


I've admitted a time or two to being nitpicky, but this is too much even for me:

Zayat Stables picked American Pharoah’s incorrectly spelled name from a fan submission contest on their website.

The Zayat family chose the name, which would have been spelled correctly as Pharaoh, because it acknowledges that they’re Americans but also reflects the family’s Egyptian heritage, a source told ABC News today.

No, his name is not "incorrectly spelled." His name is whatever his owners want it to be, spelled however they want to spell it. It's supposed to be "theater" in this country, "theatre" being a silly British affectation, but they call it the Embassy Theatre so that's it's name and that's how we print it in the paper.

Heck of a race, though. I actually jumped up off the couch as he neared the finish line. I don't watch much horse racing except the Kentucky Derby (roots and all that) but whenever a horse wins the first two legs of the Triple Crown, how can you not watch Belmont? Only 12 horses in history have done it. Man.