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Opening Arguments

Poll trouble


There’s a new poll out that shows that the political problems created for Mike Pence by his handling of the Religious Freedom Restoration Act linger.

The poll shows that only 32 percent of Indiana voters believe that Pence deserves re-election. 54 percent believe it’s time to give a new person a chance to do a better job.

[. . .]

According to the poll it shows that in a head-to-head matchup the Republican Pence would tie Democrat Glenda Ritz. He would lose to Democrat John Gregg by a single point.

The poll was commissioned by outgoing Angie's List CEO and strong RFRA opponent Bill Osterle, so there is likely a "finding what was wanted to be found" factor here. Still, there's no question that Pence's brand has been tarnished by the whole RFRA fiasco. And his biggest problem isn't with the moderate middle-of-the-roaders he may have offended. It's how he hurt himself with the conservtive base over how quickly he caved and went along with a hasty "fix" of RFRA that probably weakened religious liberty in this state when the original goal was to strengthen it.

If this poll is any indication, Gregg and Ritz are pretty close -- neither seems to have leaped ahead of the other yet. The best thing Pence can hope for is a brusing primary on the Democratic side that leaves many voters so angry they stay home on election day.

Oh, wait. That's what Republicans do.