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Opening Arguments

Word power

Interesting words encountered while wandering through the blogosphere.

interlocutor (in-ter-LOCK-yuh-ter), n. -- a person who takes part in a conversation or dialogue; a persons who questions; interrogator, as in: When reading the responses to my blog posts, I am disappointed to discover insults from trolls, but heartened when I encounter interlocutors who advance the coversation even when they disagrre with me.

epistemic (ep-uh-STEE-mik, -STEM-ik), adj. -- of or relating to knowledge or the conditions for acquiring it, as in: Those who talk only with people who agree with them are said to be  living in an epistemic bubble, and if they aren't open to the possibility they may be wrong, they are guilty of epistemic closure. Conservatives and liberals each think the other is more likely to suffer from the condition.