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Opening Arguments


"Botho" is my new favorite word:

 Finally, I am largely influenced by the people of Botswana, since I lived there for eighteen years. They believe in the ethos of “botho,” which refers to the idea of “a world for the people.” The Batswana use the term “botho” to describe a person who is courteous, disciplined, and realizes his or her full potential both as an individual and as a part of the community to which he or she belongs. In a sense, it is a social contract by which one lives.

She was born in Zambia, drew up in Bowswana and studied in Switzerland before landing in Appalachia, considering herserlf a "citizen of the world" who has been "an underrepresented minority everywhere she's lived:

I have never lost sight of working hard to prove myself, being receptive to different cultures, and forging a path for those who will come after me.

[. . .]

My personal conviction is that the Constitution affords certain fundamental protections to this country’s citizens. The denial of these basic rights, particularly fair access to justice, not only has detrimental consequences for an individual, but also for society as a whole.

I like her idea of what being a "citizen of the world" means than what most of the people who throw that phrase around mean.