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Opening Arguments

Good buddies

Another thing to like about Carly Fiorina -- she's lashing out at "crony capitalism," the corrupt system in which business' success is based on a close relationship with government, a corruption too many Republicans and Democrats alike are infected with. A recent example from someone I like overall, Scott Walker:

 His support for using $250 million of Wisconsin taxpayers’ money to build a new stadium for the Milwaukee Bucks basketball team is a quintessential example of crony capitalism. Among those who will benefit from the taxpayers’ largesse is real-estate mogul Jon Hammes, a partner in the investment group that owns the NBA franchise; Hammes has agreed to serve as the national finance co-chairman for the Walker campaign. Walker also flip-flopped on support for the Renewable Fuel Standard and ethanol subsidies, dropping his earlier opposition in order to buy support in Iowa.

And you can find examples from Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio, and let's not even go into Donald Trump, who has been on the other side of a lot of those deals. It's find to bemoan all the sweet deals the liberals have cooked up, like the hundreds of millions thrown into stupid green energy schemes. But government wouldn't be where it is today if people from both sides of the aisle weren't playing the system.