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Tuesday September 23, 2014
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Tailing the Komets

Calling my shot

I'm printing this here before the game. I think Brandon Marino is about to bust out with a big game. He's due, I thought he played better in Game 4 and he's the most-competitive guy on the team. He hates to lose in a practice drill. I think he's going to say the heck with it and just play today and have a good game. It's his time.

Just have this feeling.

WANE's Saturday highlights

How did it go in?

Here's how it looked from my angle.

I asked Matt Carter who is standing next to the goalpost what he saw: ``Nothing, I just saw Clarkie going crazy. Their goalie said a word I can't say on the air right now, so I knew something good had happened.''

Cincy's first-period goal

Matt Tinordi, far right, scores after Dan Eves, No. 16, at the top fanned on a shot and the puck slid right to Tinordi before the Komets' defense could get over.

Game 4, Round 2

Peter Tarnaris is the referee. This is a must-win game for the Komets who need to come full-bore from the opening faceoff. Should not have to be talking about that in the playoffs, though. Same lineups as Thursday night.

Komets need to hit or series is over

WANE's Thursday highlights

The final goal

Game 3, Round 2

Not a whole lot of changes in personnel, but the Komets are going to mix up their forwards a little bit tonight. Frederic Leblanc is the referee.

More later.

Five ways to cheat at hockey

Superstitions intensify during playoffs

The most important of Komets' 500 playoff games

You can read my list here.

Disagree? Which game would you add, and maybe just as importantly, which game would you remove from the list?


WANE's Saturday highlights