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Flood of the century


Frank Hessert was one of many citizens of Fort Wayne who put his life at risk to help others during the flood. Listen to a letter he wrote to a friend about his exploits and adventures during the flood, narrated by The News-Sentinel's Bob Caylor. 


Betty Stein's account from the flood        

Past, present and future of Headwaters Park        

Bob Kennedy on flood-control improvements

Fort Wayne during and after the flood of 1913



See who was involved in this project

Day 1 stories

6 deadly days: How the Flood of 1913 devastated Fort Wayne

News-Sentinel's Flood of the Century project puts disaster in historical perspective 

Readers share family stories, photos from Flood of 1913 

From the archives:  Headstone, service memorialize orphans 

From the archives: Current owner of house damaged in 1913 glad for city's flood control 

Day 2 stories

A century's worth of work has made Fort Wayne less flood-prone

Fort Wayne photographer's legacy: a visual record of the 1913 flood

Ohio author Geoff Williams tells gripping story of 1913 flood in new book

Fort Wayne embraces its rivers with new park



Interactive map



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