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Opening Arguments


It's probably too much to ask for that the court just tell the FCC it's got no business being in the "f******* expletive" business (that was "fleeting, you dirty-minded pervert, you):

This week, after more than 30 years, the Supreme Court may reopen the debate over what constitutes an "indecent" broadcast. The issue before the court is the usually accidental, so-called "fleeting expletive" that sneaks into an over-the-air broadcast, such as Bono's "This is really, really f---ing brilliant" comment at the 2003 Golden Globes, which was broadcast on NBC.

And (to update) Diane Keaton's F-bomb and Jane Fonda's C-word.

The only justification for the FCC was there was a finite number of spaces available on the broadcast spectrum and somebody had to regulate them. But once it was formed (following one of the prime rules of government), it assumed all sorts of content-related duties as well, and suddenly the First Amendment did not apply to the broadcast media (as it should). But haven't things like cable TV, broadband downloads and satellite radio pretty much wiped out the entire justification for the FCC's existence? Goodbye, boys, don't let the f****** door hit you on the way out.