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Opening Arguments


Oh, for goodness' sake:

While weddings may bring to mind images of white, the color "green" is also becoming part of the big day for couples who want more eco-friendly celebrations.


Demand for sustainable weddings has grown across the country, including in Indiana, as more couples strive to make their events more like their everyday lives.


"For most of my clients, 'green' is a way of life," said Cristina McGinnis Widman, owner of Bloomington-based Blooming Branch Green Events, the state's first exclusively green event planning business. "If you are someone who is diligent about recycling, composting, why would you want your event to be anything different?"

It figures that this "sustainable" crap would take full root in Bloomington. The story features a bride whose parents "scoured garage sales looking for reusable items, while salvaged paint was used to decorate flower pots, later filled with flowers grown in the family's garden." And the bride is proudest of her gown, which incorporates "pieces of 45 used white T-shirts collected from the couple's family and friends."

Of course they must stay married forever, no matter how much they grow to hate each other, because divorce is bad for the environment (it creates more households with fewer people). If it really gets to them, though, and one or both decides to end it all, we can only hope they go green with their funerals.


Bob G.
Thu, 08/20/2009 - 9:25am

I must pass this along to the missus.