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Opening Arguments

Up against the wall, kid!

First, they came for the athletes . . .

Cheerleaders, band members, ball players, kids on the speech and debate team - any student participating in extracurricular activities - would pee in a cup under a random drug testing plan being considered at Whitefish High School.

“We're just discussing what's possible,” said school Superintendent Jerry House. “We're trying to do what's right for the kids. You can't make good decisions unless you're willing to learn about an issue, so that's what we're doing - we're listening, and we're learning.”

So far, what he's learning is that random drug testing of teens is a remarkably murky and divisive proposal.

On the one side is a gathering of coaches, teachers and concerned citizens who “want to give these kids another opportunity to


Harl Delos
Mon, 04/21/2008 - 9:33am

The 14th Amendment says participation in those tax-supported activities is a right, not a privilege.

But I suppose if the schools concentrate on enforcing the laws, we could always have the sheriff's department teaching people how to read, write, and do sums.

Here in PA, we're being bombarded with political advertising. I suspect you're headed in that direction in Indiana. A lot of the candidates are saying "I strongly support Nth Amendment rights." I'd sure love to hear someone say that they support ALL the amendments, not just a selective few.