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Opening Arguments

All we are saying

Far out, war-hatin' dudes:

The most famous postwar logo without commercial purpose -- or, at least, intended commercial purpose -- the peace symbol, turns 50 tomorrow.

Half a century ago, a British textile designer came up with an idea for protest signs for a march on a nuclear weapons facility: they would be the size and shape of an extra-large pizza bearing nothing more than a upside-down V with line through the middle, rendered white on black and mounted on wood laths.

These "lollypops," as the designer called them, would be lightweight and look great on TV, he said. Seen often enough, they would trumpet the message of nuclear disarmament without the need for cumbersome words.

Well,now I really feel old. We gave peace a chance, didn't we, class? And what did we learn? Peace is not an event, just ending one particular hostility. There will always be other wars in other places. Peace is a learning process.

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