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Opening Arguments

And we don't mean potatoes

This is the kind of thing that gets people in other parts of the country exercised but doesn't seem to gain much traction here, even though "Redskins" (as in North Side High School) is surely on the more-objectionable end of the spectrum (as opposed to, say, "Indians"). Someone could make a good case, I think, for naming a team here "the Miamis" or even "the Turtles" as a sign of respect for the people we wrested the region from (even his enemies acknowledged that Little Turtle was among the great tacticians, after all). And objections to some of the more neutral terms, such as "Braves" or "Warriors," seem overly fussy. But "Redskins" is among the most pejorative of terms for Indians and always has been. Just plug in one of the vulgar nicknames for other ethnic minorities -- you know the ones -- and ask yourself honestly how it sounds.

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