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Opening Arguments

Attention, sports fans

The News-Sentinel's Reggie Hayes, writing about the possible name change for the Fort Wayne Wizards baseball team, brings up only to dismiss rather flippantly a worthy suggestion:

Today, we're talking team names, a topic both frivolous and essential. It's frivolous because it doesn't affect the way a team plays and primarily serves as a marketing tool. It's essential because fans have to feel a sense of pride in their team's name. No one wants to wear a T-shirt that says Fort Wayne French Impressionists.

But let's consider the merits of a team called the Fort Wayne French Impressionists. That would marry the most precise of sports -- what would the game be without its states? -- with one of the most abstract styles of painting. We can show the whole world that Hoosiers can be sports fans and aware of art forms not involving three chords or Quentin Tarantinto. There would be some cool opportunities for colorful uniforms, not to mention team memorabilia. And we shouldn't have too much trouble coming up with a mascot.

Oh, hey, wait. Let's go all the way and really impress people: The Fort Wayne Fauvists. Much more colorful uniforms.

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