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Opening Arguments

Back to Square one

It seems the city is finally giving up on the idea of condos at Harrison Square:

The condos aren't selling in a tough housing market, and city officials now admit they were probably over-priced in the first place.

Really? Everybody else in town knew from the start that condos at $150,000 to $300,000 were ridiculously priced for downtown, so it's nice that city officials can finally acknowledge the obvious. But I don't think they are still quite on board with reality. City Council President Tom Smith says there will still be "apartments, lofts, condos" for Harrison Square, "just not on that corner," and city officials say they will "continue to insist" that a "mix of retail businesses" occupy the ground floor.

The city now says it is open to the idea of office space instead of housing units. But as Angry White Boy points out, there isn't exactly a lack of empty office space downtown.