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Opening Arguments

Bad rap

We haven't had a "Department of the Obvious" report in a while, so let's check in:

Rap music, which warned against the dangers of drug abuse in its heydays, now glorifies their illegal use, according to a new study. There has been an alarming six-fold increase in references to drugs in recent rap songs, the study found, leading researchers to warn that young people who tend to emulate rap artistes are “already at risk and need to get a positive message from the media”.

Next, they'll be telling me that Soylet Green is people!


Bob G.
Wed, 04/02/2008 - 10:53am

Seems about SIX families right here in OUR city could have gleaned something from that study (in the past week)...couldn't they?

Helen Keller coulda seen THIS one comin'!

Soylent GREEN IS people (ask Edward G. Robinson), it's soylent YELLOW you have to watch out for.