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Opening Arguments

A bad sign for small government

We will never run out of minutia to micromanage. Next up, LEDs:

Council will have to examine how often a message on a sign can change (Crawford suggests six seconds), whether messages can scroll (move vertically) or travel (move horizontally) and how bright and big the signs can be.

Crawford said he expects a preliminary vote Tuesday and a final vote May 22. He said he'll also encourage council to discuss the proper size and placement of all signs and give that to the plan commission.

Maybe the council should also specify the font colors that will be allowed and set fines for misspellings and bad grammar. Safety is a legitimate issue, since many of the LEDs are intentionally placed in drive paths; anything that makes them harder to grasp quickly makes traffic more hazardous. Aesthetics? Leave it alone.


Mon, 05/14/2007 - 9:34am

As Bill Engvall of the blue collar comedy tour would say "heres your sign!"
heres a novel thought- why not let small business men advertise anyway they need to? and quit giving the corporate billboard companies , and other marketing outlets a monopoly? whatever happened to free-market free enterprise? and marketing innovation?
is there any aspect of daily human behavior, and existence that isnt licensed, taxed, and regulated to death by big government Republicans? welcome to the Nanny State- theres an apt license plate motto?buckle up, dont smoke, and no signs allowed?

tim zank
Mon, 05/14/2007 - 2:28pm

I think it only fitting, for safety sake, Doc Crawford should spend at least a couple hours locked in a closet with a strobe light on, just to make sure he's capable of discerning which signs will prove safe for us morons.

Thank God for the good doctor!