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Opening Arguments

Bang, bang

The Fort Wayne blogosphere has been all over the video clerk who killed an armed, would-be robber. Here are The PA-IN Erudition,  Angry White Boy and The Fort Wayne Blog. The general feeling is: People have had it, justice was done, self-defense, like that. I have nothing to add to all that except to clarify this:

The Allen County Coroner's Office is scheduled to perform an autopsy on the victim today, Joyner said. If his death is ruled a homicide, it would be the 18th this year in Fort Wayne and Allen County.

When people read that there have been 18 homicides, they tend to think, "18 bad guys have killed 18 innocent people." But "homicide" just means the killing of one person by another. It assigns no legal blame. That would be "murder."


Steve T.
Mon, 09/17/2007 - 12:33am

Very good. I'm always sadly reminded, by news stories like this, of three past incidents in particular.

First, I recall a clerk at a 5-Points pizza stand being bludgeoned with a hammer by a sicko robber.

Second, I can't shake the memory of the tragic shooting of the owner of Didier's store in SE Fort Wayne.

Third, I recall our area's grassroots NRA coordinator being shot dead in a 5-Points liquor store by an armed robber after the NRA member mercifully chose to throw a trash can at the criminal first, rather than immediately draw his legally carried Glock .45 and shoot the armed robber dead at once. Some killer's mother should be eternally grateful for that fateful bit of unwise mercy.

I'm always heartened when I read a story about an intended victim who has preserved his or her own life by winning a righteous fight against an armed criminal assailant.

Only in dark liberal nests like California would people be so far gone as to dream up an objection to such a just and proper outcome here in Indiana. It's only sad that we don't read about more of these armed-victim wins. We read about far too many criminal successes and dead victims.

Except in the opinion of the peverse element of American society comprised of gun controllers, Second-Amendment-subverters and criminal apologists, that is.