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Opening Arguments

Baseball wizardry

A minor league sports team can become a local institution -- revered, beloved. The Komets are sort of like that. One way to tell a team has not reached that status:

The Fort Wayne Wizards will play their baseball games next season at a new downtown ballpark, and they'll likely have a new name, too.

Fans can go online to www.HarrisonSquareFortWayne.com and suggest a new name for the minor-league team that's been in Fort Wayne since 1993.

Tear down its stadium. Move the team downtown as an economic development strategy. Change the name. How about the Fort Wayne Pawns?

I guess they're having a naming contest to create a sense of team spirit or something. That didn't work out too well the last time. More than 20,000 people entered the contest, and the choice of Wizards was instantly and almost universally despised. Better luck this time.

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