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Opening Arguments

Beat out again

Darn. I was almost sure it would be me:

Indianapolis - Ball State University plans to name its new communication building after alumnus and late night talk show host David Letterman.

Letterman's mother, Dorothy Mengering, was at Monday's announcement by the board of trustees in their hometown of Indianapolis. Mengering, who lives in the city's northern suburb of Carmel, and her famous son were both expected to attend the building's Sept. 7 dedication.

Maybe they can still do the Leo Morris Memorial Restroom. OK, hold it down out there.


Mitchell Surface
Tue, 07/31/2007 - 1:37pm

Leo - my birds use the Leo Morris Memorial restroom on a daily basis. Not quite as good as BSU but I wanted to let you know that you have fans in the Surface household.

Leo Morris
Tue, 07/31/2007 - 2:21pm

No, Mitch -- that would be the Knight Ridder Memorial Restroom.