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Opening Arguments

Being there

Here's a site where you can vote on the "100 greatest places to stand in the USA" and watch the results change until the vote is closed on Dec. 1. What they want is:

. . . the USA's most wondrous, inspiring, or thought-provoking locations . . .

They also invite poll takers to submit photos as proof that they have "Stood There." It has come to this: We know longer go to places because they have interesting things to do. We go because there is something to see, or to be seen in front of. The current Top Five are the Hoover Dam, the Statue of Liberty, the Grand Canyon, the Alamo and the Cloud Gate sculpture in Chicago.

I still think doing is more important than mere being, so I have my own current Top Five: 1. My kitchen sink, which catches the crumbs when I eat a sandwich over it. 2. My front porch, which is perfect for reading the morning paper; granted, if I'm also drinking coffee, I might have to sit instead of stand, but you get the idea. 3. My back porch, which is the best place to hide if there are too many people out front, as  frequently occurs in the afternoon and evening (especially now that school is out). 4. In front of my office door, to chat with anyone who passes by, because it is amusing to reinforce among the working stiffs the notion that I am a big shot with too little to do. 5. In the path of progress, wherever it may appear.

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