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Opening Arguments

The Bible belt

Since Jesus turned the water into wine, doesn't that at least suggest it is permissible for Chritians to drink? I mean, he didn't turn it into Gatorade. Perhaps I'm being simplistic, and a theologian will straighten me out.

Anyway, 49 percent of 6,000 Christians who answered a poll at ChristiaNet.com agree with me. But 39 percent think the consumption of alcohol is always wrong, and 12 percent aren't sure. None of them, even those favoring drink, are in favor of more than an occasional sip for the right reasons, lest someone "stumble into sin."

While many believed special occasions or for health issues is fine, they said that the Bible strictly prohibits drunkenness. From the comments submitted, it seems some things have specific purposes, but when misused are unpleasing to God.

Appropos of nothing, I know many people who would probably go to church if there were a "blood of Christ, body of Christ" ritual that used, instead of wine and wafers, beer and pretzels.

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A J Bogle
Tue, 08/14/2007 - 8:28am

Alcohol isn't called the "devils brew" for nothing