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Opening Arguments

Big city blues

Awww, poor babies. They go all the way to Atlanta expecting to have a real good time, and guess what? There's nothing to do:

When it comes to efforts to lure conventioneers, Atlanta's got the hotels, the easy access to the city via the nation's busiest airport and even the attractions with the Georgia Aquarium and the World of Coca-Cola.

Now what the city needs is a little more nightlife.

[. . .]

But downtown, where most of the conventions take place, is missing the after-hours component.

Keeping conventioneers coming is critical to Atlanta's $11.4 billion tourism industry. Conventioneers' dollars keep hotels and restaurants full and help keep businesses like florists, caterers and linens suppliers operating.

Both ACVB and GWCC board members agreed that getting nightlife downtown is easier said than done. To attract after-hours hotspots, more residents will have to move downtown and suburbanites, many of whom view the area as unsafe, will have to visit more frequently than an occasional sporting event.

Granted, actual Atlanta is barely above 500,000, but the metro area is above 5 million people, and there's nothing to do? So Atlantans are just going to have to move downtown so the night spots will open so the conventioneers will come so they can get drunk and bore their co-workers for years with stories about what fools they made of themselves. Sounds like a plan to me. Let's get to work on that here. Just plunk down a couple of hundred thou for a Harrison Square condo, and do your part to save downtown.

I think every place I've ever lived I've heard the complaint, "There's nothing to do here!" But, really, there are mostly the same kinds of things to do everywhere. People who complain about nothing to do usually really mean they have nobody to do it with. If you can't get drunk and stupid with your co-workers in any city in the country, some


Bob G.
Tue, 12/30/2008 - 12:50pm

Can't do anything WITH anyone...awww.

Amazing how America has lost it's individual creativity and her citizens the ability to "amuse" themselves.
Life wasn't meant to be the ultimate 'E' ticket ride in that regard.
You have to APPLY yourself...CHALLENGE yourself...MOTIVATE yourself.

Read a book?
Watch a movie?
Listen to some music?
Get involved?

Just a thought...


Mike Harvey
Tue, 12/30/2008 - 1:06pm

Just talked to someone from Houston last week who said there's more to do in downtown Fort Wayne than in downtown Houston. I didn't bother to ask him, but like some street security guys that walked us cross the street in Indy, they all seem to think the zoo and Coliseum and such are part of downtown Fort Wayne. Just interesting to think that maybe in the eyes of people from larger towns that there was already a downtown baseball stadium in FW.

I wonder what restaurants and businesses got a lot of business from the baseball games being on the "north side" of downtown... How many are locally owned and if any are relocating, if they can?