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Opening Arguments

Big, fat rights

Another exciting idea from a Democratic presidential candidate:

ABC News' Teddy Davis and Nancy Flores Report: Democratic presidential candidate Bill Richardson called Wednesday for obese Americans to be brought under the protection of the Americans for Disabilities Act.

"This is an issue of basic civil rights," said Richardson. "There are no federal laws that protect obese Americans from discrimination in the workplace, school, or anywhere else. This must change."

Lord, lord. I was born and raised in Kentucky, as some of you know. Until now, I thought the most absurd example of giving "rights" to everybody was the case a few years ago, when the city of Cincinnati was considering an anti-discrimination ordinance for, I kid you not, Appalachian-Americans who had wandered across the river and gotten taken advantage of for their hillbilliness. I stand corrected.


Steve T.
Sat, 09/22/2007 - 11:45pm

Obese people have for years championed the odd notion that they are perfectly okay the way they are. Therefore, they should be expected to roundly condemn and reject Richardson's suggestion that they are in any way disabled.

You can't have it both ways; either there's something wrong with you or there isn't. If you claim there isn't, you sure don't qualify for a special-needs social program.