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Opening Arguments

The Big Show

Those of us not of the Left -- we who inhabit the Center to the Right -- are suffering in varying degrees of discomfort these days. Somebody who is Not One Of Us will take over the White House, and we don't know how much he'll Change our world, just that we are definitely going to be yanked out of our Comfort zones. But even many who did vote for Obama seem to be unhappy, too. Does it turn out that Obama is not One Of Them, either?

Let's be honest: we didn't vote for the Barack Obama his campaign advertised. We didn't vote for an African-American man, nor for a US senator from Illinois, nor for a father, a husband, an activist, or a young politician.

We voted for the Barack Obama we fantasized — the progressive miracle worker. We voted for Change.

Millions of us stood up and shouted, handed out fliers, talked to our neighbors, donated hard-earned money, and drove people to the polls for Change. We screamed, hugged, kissed, and cried when we learned Change had come to America. We knew Change wouldn't come overnight, that it would take time, but we were excited that we had elected a man who was open to Change, who said he wanted to consider real people's needs while in the Oval Office. We eagerly awaited the first hints of Change, as the president-elect's transition developed.

And now, we have reason to worry that Change is not coming to America after all. For nearly two years we were encouraged to "Be the Change you want to see in America." It is now obvious that we have a ways to go toward Being that Change. And so does President-elect Barack Obama. And that, above all else, needs to Change.

Maybe the next four years aren't going to be so bad, after all. All you would-be Obama-haters on the right should consider just relaxing and enjoying the show. Nothing is more entertaining than watching self-righteous Progressives fall apart when they discover the Real World. Where's the popcorn? Down in front!

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tim zank
Thu, 12/18/2008 - 10:18am

It is truly entertaining watching "The Chosen Ones'" disciples wide-eyed surprise as reality sets in. I've stocked up on "extra butter" popcorn!

Bob G.
Thu, 12/18/2008 - 10:41am

I vaguely recall another time sorta-kinda like this...
Back in 1960 when that CATHOLIC DEMOCRAT became President...JFK.
Much of America was in a quandry as to HOW he would run the nation. Dems were doing the Pavlovian gig as well.
Now we get to play this scene all over again, albeit from a slightly different perspective.

You bring that popcorn, Tim...I have the refreshments covered (got soda AND booze...we'll probably need BOTH, and in greater quantities before it's all over)
It will be fun to watch.
Make no mistake.