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Ticket splitting

If a former Democratic Cabinet secretary makes a prediction, we should probably treat it with more seriousness than the usual idle chitchat. So here's Robert Reich:

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All or nothing

So, which is the first group that comes to mind when you think about obstructionists putting up roadblocks on the path to progressive goodness? That's right, Indianapolis Democrats:

An Indianapolis City-County Council committee has snuffed out a stricter smoking ban for the city.

[. ..]

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In the pink

Please forgive me ahead of time. I know it's wrong to inflict you with this, but I just can't help myself:

Know any guys in the Indianapolis area who like to wear girl's swimsuits? If so, maybe you can help police find a man who broke into a day care center last week.

Indianapolis Metropolitan Police on Friday released surveillance video from after 10 p.m. Oct. 20 showing a man inside the Kidscape Learning Center in southwest Indianapolis.

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Pop star

I believe I've mentioned getting caught up in the Conrad Murray trial a little. It's a fascinating workshop on the concepts of blame and responsibility:

Dr. Paul White said he believes after Michael Jackson was given a dose of propofol by Conrad Murray in the early morning hours of the day he died that the pop star took lorazepam pills on his own later that morning.

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Green, green

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Jobs plan

I referenced this piece about Steve Jobs several weeks ago. With the news of his death, it seems appropriate to link to it again:

Jobs gave people products they didn't know they wanted, and then made those products indispensable to their lives.  


From cnn.com Reason Magazine Editor Matt Welch with today's reminder of the inevitability of government spending waste:

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Nothing changes

Reader Bernie Konger emailed us three editorial cartoons published in The News-Sentinel in 1949, along with the observation that they would "fit into today's political picture." The great divide between left and right stays the same -- the players and specific issues may change, but the debate doesn't really change.

At least today's cartoonists try to be funny. It's hard to imagine readers actually taking these stodgy "oh, look how cleverly everything is labeled" drawings seriously.

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10 years after

How the 10th anniversary of our "day that will live in infamy" differed from the 10th anniversary of our national 9/11 trauma:

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The right way to do wrong

Beware, you vile and wicked sinners who debase yourselves in sordid dens of iniquity -- the state will catch you:

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (AP) — The Indiana police agency designated to search the state for illegal gambling has arrested more than 40 people on more than 80 gambling-related criminal charges over the past two years.

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