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Opening Arguments

Big spenders

"For what it's worth" department. Ratings are out for the govenor (upgraded to "taxpayer friendly") by Watchdog Indiana, which:

provides the only ratings of state legislators and the governor based on how their votes on key legislative proposals from 2002 to the present affect the state and local tax burden of Hoosier working families.

None of our area legislators were rated "taxpayer unfriendly" or the even worse "political hog" (a taxpayer unfriendly legislagor who also voted himself or herself a perpetual pay increase). Democrat Reps. Win Moses and Phil GiaQuinta of Fort Wayne were rated "uncertain" because of "a limited or mixed public record." Republican state Sens. Dennis Kruse of Auburn and David Long and Thomas Wyss of Fort Wayne were rated as taxpayer friendly, as were Republican Reps. Randy Borror of Fort Wayne and Phyllis Pond of New Haven.

For those who want to rate the raters, here's the list of legislative proposals the group used to come up with its ratings.

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