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Opening Arguments

The blessed and the cursed

The Thanksgiving good:

More than 200 volunteers showed up at the Fort Wayne Rescue Mission on Thanksgiving Day.

[. . .]

The volunteer coordinator with the Fort Wayne Rescue Mission said that there was a huge increase in the number of people coming out to help this year, and a lot of those were families volunteering together.

And the bad:

We were all kind of bummed this morning when we came in and discovered this," said Salvation Army Capt. Lynneta Poff.

A tangled mess of barbed wire shows the extreme thieves were willing to go to, stealing food from the Evansville Salvation Army's food pantry.

"You can see where they cut the fencing, cut the barbed wire down there to gain access over the fence," said Poff.

[. . .]

Among the stolen food was several packages of hot dogs, sausage patties, frozen fish, ground beef, bacon, a ham and even several apple pies. It would have fed more than 200 people who rely on the Salvation Army every day for a hot meal.

All volunteers are special, but the ones who give up family time create even better family time with their donation of service. All thieves intend to harm others, but those who steal from the people who can least afford to lose it deserve the lowest circle of hell. The holidays seem to bring out the extremes in everybody.