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Opening Arguments

Brave words

I didn't know there were so many brave people in Indiana. A Muncie Star Press editorial praises the fearless in that part of the state:

Five of the seven Delaware County Council members demonstrated courage that is sometimes too rare among public officials Tuesday when they approved a wheel tax. It's now up to us to ensure our money is spent wisely.

Oh, well, if they're going to spend it wisely, I guess it's OK then. The Journal Gazette, meanwhile, is quick to note a "courageous vote" in this corner of the state:

Raising taxes when the economy is in the tank is unquestionably difficult. And Allen County Council members Bob Armstrong, Larry Brown, Roy Buskirk and Maye Johnson deserve praise for making a politically difficult vote in favor of raising wheel taxes to ensure all county bridges remain safe.

[. . .]

Armstrong, Brown, Buskirk and Johnson made the courageous decision to pull the trigger.

Raising taxes "when the economy is in the tank" is NOT "unquestionably difficult." It is undeniably stupid. If spending other people's money is all it takes to be honored as brave and courageous, count me in. I could do that all day long.

Now that we've cheapened those words so much, what can we possibly call the men and women who put on uniforms and are willing to risk their lives for this country? Just wondering.