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Opening Arguments

Bring it to me

A luxury hotel tries to lure us out of our living rooms:

Another trendy and tech-oriented hotel is planned in Plainfield, where the hospitality industry is booming.

Dora Hospitality is planning an 85-room, four-story Hotel Indigo at the Ind. 267 interchange of I-70, just west of the entry to the new terminal under construction at Indianapolis International Airport.

Hotel Indigo, featuring bright and bold architecture and décor, is one of the newest brands in upscale hotels. It caters to travelers looking for fashionable amenities such as swimming pool, plasma TVs, fitness spa and wireless communications.

My sister got back yesterday from a four-day trip to Baltimore, where she lived for a while. She and a friend had a good time there, including a trip to the ocean, but the flights were delayed going both ways, so she spent an unbearable amount of time in airports (where else are we more trapped?), and while she was there, it was unseasonably hot, and every place they wanted to visit required a longer car trip than they had realized. "I've just gotten to the point where I hate to travel," she told me on the phone. "It's no fun anymore."

Amen. There are still plenty of things I'd like to experience -- a sidewalk cafe in Paris, a campfire in Montana, a sail around the Caribbean islands -- I just don't want to GO there. So I'll have to wait for them to bring the places to me. As a "Star Trek" fan, I realize the science isn't there yet for the transporter -- "Beam me to the Hard Rock Cafe in London, Scotty!" -- but virtual reality is getting better and better. Any day now, I hope to go to the Holodeck in my converted dining room and program in a certain night from long ago in Tokyo.  Come to think of it, though, that's probably one I'd actually travel for.

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