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Opening Arguments

Bruisin' for a cruisin'

I know this is another dead horse I just can't stop beating, but this is just so stupid:

Responding to the spike in gas prices, York, whose department spends about $1.6 million on gas for cruisers, decided officers who take their cruisers home should pay a fee to help cover costs. The new policy requires $25 payments in each two-week pay period and $30 for officers who live outside the city. Officers can pay or keep their cruisers parked at their homes or at designated locations when off-duty.

Take-home cars were sold as a way of deterring crime by making cruisers more visible. Why should any of us care if cruisers are more visible outside of town? Let those who live in other places worry about and pay for deterring crime in those places. Why do police officers who live out of town have take-home cars? Why do they even live out of town, anyway?


Bob G.
Thu, 10/02/2008 - 10:43am

Rusty's plans sounds a bit too "familiar"...oh, wait...I proposed such an idea WAY back when this first came up.
(on MY blog)

BTW Leo...you bring up EXACTLY the same questions I've been wondering since my first post on it.
And while we're at it, WHY DON'T the FWPD officers (or staff) live on the SE side of town?
Seems if the city cared, they'd find a way to rehab ALL the houses here (for a lot less), and not blow the wad w/ something like Renaissance Pointe (for a lot more) to get LEOs into them...great starter homes at a good price.

And there are some neighborhoods (away from the SE) that have TWO officers on ONE block...bet THAT is one safe-ass neighborhood, eh?

Oops..sounds like I'm bitching again about the SOUTH side...sorry for all the facts.

Used to be in Philly, you LIVED in the area (district) you were assigned to...made it a lot easier to "know" the people, businesses, AND the neighborhoods.

Maybe we have a "disconnect" here, in that respect?
Who knew?


(pass the whip, please)