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Opening Arguments

Buh Bayh?

Is Evan Bayh so unbeatable that Republicans shouldn't even bother to challenge him? The Journal Gazette's Tracy Warner almost says that, in a column from last week headlined "Republican candidates launch quixotic races."

Some combination of all those factors is likely behind the candidacy of two Republicans who plan to seek their party's nomination for the honor of losing to Sen. Evan Bayh in 2010.

[. . .]

Of course, circumstances could change. Bayh could become embroiled in a scandal (unlikely), or a conservative backlash to President Obama could endanger Democratic members of Congress.


But while Bayh has been a liberal on some issues, he has been decidedly conservative on others, including gun measures. Plus, his campaign will be very well-funded. Defeating him is not impossible, but close.

But now there is a scandal, or at least a potential one, in the revelation that his wife, Susan, has received more than $2 million for being on the boards of eight health-related companies.  Brian Howey, in a column asking the question, "Is Sen. Bayh invincible in 2010?", says the issue poses several dangers for the senator. Howey starts off a little more pessimistic than Warner about Bayh's chances, pointing out the defeat of seemingly unbeabatle Indiana Senate Finance Chairman Larry Borst and the even more stunning takedown of Indianapolis Mayor Bart Peterson. But after that "anything can happen" introduction, he ends up in about the same place as Warner:

Could it be possible

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