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Opening Arguments


This probably isn't a good time to be overbuilding hotel capacity, huh?

Call it the frugal fan 500.

Ticket sales for Sunday's Indianapolis 500 are holding steady, but race fans and sponsors appear to be cutting corners this year, opting for cheaper choices that could put a pinch not only on local hotels but on the economic impact of the city's most significant tourism event.

What's happening at the Sheraton Indianapolis City Centre Hotel is just one example. The hotel is usually sold out by now, said Mitch Divens, assistant director of sales at the Sheraton. Instead, the hotel's occupancy was at 85 percent Tuesday afternoon.

Of course, that's just the lame and boring Indianapolis 500, not the kind of exciting event we can put on here in Fort Wayne that no one would ever cut back on no matter how bad the economy.


Michael B-P
Thu, 05/21/2009 - 8:13am

Come on, Leo. Everyone knows that getaway weekend vacation packages that include romps through all the enthralling evening downtown Fort Wayne attractions is a sure thing, especially among those money bags Chicago high-steppers. But once we get our casino, then it's really in the bag!

Bob G.
Thu, 05/21/2009 - 9:23am

Exciting event?
Better than the Indy 500?
...HERE, in Fort Wayne?

Where they been hiding it?

(oh, he must be talking about the South Side Ripley's BELIEVE IT OR NOT "exhibit" that continues year after year (as do the indiginous participants, unfortunately).

Okay, I'm with 'ya now.

ROMPS thru downtown...now THAT'S funny.
(most were police calls...lol)