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Opening Arguments

Butt out

Seems like they have a pretty evenly divided City-County Council in Indianapolis. The vote was 15-14 in favor of a hotel tax for the Capital Improvement Board and 15-13 to make it tougher to panhandle. And now:

A  proposal to ban smoking in nearly all Indianapolis workplaces faces an uncertain future after a narrowly divided City-County Council tabled it Monday night.

The 14-13 vote means the ordinance can return to the council agenda with majority support, but some on the council said achieving that could be difficult.

The ban already covers most restaurants and public spaces such as hotel lobbies. But, as in Allen County, smoking is still allowed in places like bowling alleys and some bars. It's interesting that stodgy old Fort Wayne is as radical as, say, Bloomington when it comes to smoking bans, but the more metropolitan Indy is more in line with Allen County.

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