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Opening Arguments

Cheap shot

This sounds like a bargain:

An Angola woman is in jail after she paid an undercover police officer to kill her soon to be ex-husband.  Mollie Krontz, 44, was arrested at the public access area of Marsh Lake around 10:00 Tuesday night. 

Police say Krontz made two separate payments to two different men. Her first payment was of $30 dollars, to an acquaintance that told her he could find someone to do the job. He never planned to, though, and called police instead. Authorities bugged the apartment of the man, and got Krontz on tape talking about the deal to kill her husband. Police arranged a meeting with Krontz, the acquaintance, and an undercover police officer posing as the designated hit man. Mollie paid him $20 bucks, and promised to pay a remaining $150 dollars for the hit.

A $200 hit, on the installment plan, including a $30 finder fee. People like this woman are right there on the smarts scale with the chumps who keep meeting up with the undercover cops they thought were 13-year-olds chatting on line.


tim zank
Thu, 07/19/2007 - 11:39am

And you thought all we had was jay-walkers up here! Ha!