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Opening Arguments

Check it out, suckers

Speaking of gambling . . .

It's interesting to periodically take up the books we read as children and teenagers. Lately, I've been revisiting some of Robert Heinlein's juvenile titles. The one I'm reading now is "Podkayne of Mars," which has, among other things, a skewering of capitalism run amok ala Las Vegas. There is a certain Dom Pedro Casino on Venus that claims to have "EVERY KNOWN DIVERSION IN THE UNIVERSE." It has the following sign outside the gambling sector.


All Games Are Honest

All Games Have a House Percentage


So Come On In and Have Fun --

(While We Prove It)

Checks Accepted. All Credit

Cards Honored. Free Breakfast

and a Ride to Your Hilton When

You Go Broke. Your Host,


If those advocating a casino for Fort Wayne were half that honest, I wouldn't mind their efforts half as much.

By the way, the kids today who have been devouring the Harry Potter books -- aren't they going to have a grand time as grizzled old geezers reliving their childhoods with those adventures? Reading the first book i