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Opening Arguments

Comic relief

For the "world keeps getting stranger" file:

A JAPANESE man has enlisted hundreds of people in a campaign to allow marriages between humans and cartoon characters, saying he feels more at ease in the "two-dimensional world".

[. . .]

"I am no longer interested in three dimensions. I would even like to become a resident of the two-dimensional world," he wrote.

"However, that seems impossible with present-day technology. Therefore, at the very least, would it be possible to legally authorise marriage with a two-dimensional character?"

Yeah, darn those limits of "present-day technology." If all he's interested in is length and width with no depth, I can introduce him to a few women I've met in bars.


Bob G.
Thu, 10/30/2008 - 2:09pm

That last sentence took the words right out of my mouth, Leo.